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Welcome to

Forefront Business Services LLC

Your one stop management consulting shop for

small to medium sized non profit and for profit

business solutions for:

  • CEO level Fresh Eyes Advisory Support
  • C-Level and Director Level Development
  • Frontline & Management Leadership Development
  • Operations Systems Analysis
  • Restructure Evaluation
  • Expense Reduction Analysis and Procurement Solutions
  • Non Profit M&A Diligence Support
  • Marketplace Strategy and Strategic Planning Support

One Day Development Trainings:

* Engagement/Teams & Teamwork: 

Employee Engagement is at one of the lowest rates in workplace history at around 30%. This witty, encouraging and challenging 3 hour, one day training will get your employees working in groups and address:

  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Teamwork Model and Strategy

Call 610-850-1661 or e-mail

* Generations in the Workplace:

For the first time in history, the American business landscape has 5

generations working together. 

  • Why is 2020 important for you to know?
  • What does this mean for your workplace?
  • What can your employees do to work effectively together?

Call 610-850-1661 or e-mail

* Leadership Development:

Like never before, the effectiveness of your front line leaders is imperative to the operational and financial success of your small business and front line staff retention.

Call 610-850-1661 or e-mail

**NEW: Check out the latest Testimonials under "What Are The Clients Saying" from our more successful and satisfied clients!!

WHY NOT CALL 610-850-1661?

What does your small business or

small church need?

  • Do you have a Leadership Development program for your frontline Managers? On-Boarding or Mentoring Program for front line staff?
  • CEOs - Need a pair of "Fresh Eyes" for your organizational structure or operation? Would you like to explore ways to become more operationally efficient and save money? Is Expense Reduction Analysis a part of your operation?
  • Church Leaders - Does your office or facilities operation need to be overseen by FT Staff? Not necessarily. Ask me why.
  • Do you want to address or reduce Managment or Staff Turnover?
  • Do you have a Strategic Plan or Marketplace Strategy for the future?
  • Do you have a website or in need of a website review. Do people know your business exists?

A one hour free discussion could help your small business or church become more efficient, effective and successful? 

WHY NOT CALL 610-850-1661?

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