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"Training programs inform, but

Development Programs DEVELOP.

Isn't that what companies want, developed leaders who can effectively lead?" - Christopher White

Question: Why is it that the front line managers who typically "lead" up to 80% of your front line employees typically have no or little "leadership development"? 

Question: Why is it that 94% of business leaders agree that their company's front line leadership is insufficient or non-existent, yet accept a loss of $3,000-$5,000 a person to replace each front line employee that leaves, when they could train their front line leaders for less than one employee leaving?

Question: If study after study shows that the #1 Reason why employees leave their job is "conflict with their immediate supervisor", why is it that most front line supervisors have no professional model to handle conflict? 

Developed in 1999, Christopher designed this 10 week, nine course leadership development program specifically for Directors, frontline supervisors, managers or frontline staff who are leading or want to lead someday in their company. With a foundation of SERVANT LEADERSHIP, the program is proven to develop leadership skills for each attendee as well as reduce conflict, and thus staff turnover, the training pays for itself in less than one year.

The Forefront Leadership Development Program focuses on the following critical areas:

* What Is a Supervisor? What is a Leader?

* Conflict Resolution

* Conflict Resolution Workshop

* Teams and Teamwork / Engagement

* Change

* Decision Making

* Time Management and Organization Skills

* Professional Decorum in the Workplace

* Habits of Effective Leaders

Affordable and Cost Effective for Small to Medium Sized Businesses!!

CLICK on the Costs page/link for cost information.

Call 610-850-1661 for more information or references from current and past clients.....or just review the "What our Clients Are Saying" page.

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