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Engagement/Teams & Teamwork: 

Your employees work hard. Why not give up to 10 of your employees a gift, a 3 hour break from the "daily grind" to laugh a little and learn a lot as they develop teamwork skills. Don't they deserve it?

Hurdle: "But I can't afford to send 8-10 of my staff offsite"

Solution: I come to your site. 

Hurdle: "I want to give them the gift of a development training on Team, but all I see are trainings at $75 to $150 a person. My small or medium sized business can't afford that!!"

Solution: This effective one day, 3 hour training is only $350, or ONLY $35 a person for 10 people. 

Employee Engagement is at one of the lowest rates in workplace history at around 30%. This witty, encouraging and challenging 3 hour, one day training will get your employees working in groups and address:

  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Teamwork Model and Strategy

Call 610-850-1661 or e-mail

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