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"Chris, our finance person just finished up her evaluation for FY 2016/2017 and I told her I don't know if it could be any better. 11% turnover rate two years in a row (in a industry that averages 30%-40% annually. I think 80% of this success is due to the mentor program you brought to us"

Deb Kunsch

President and CEO

Altec Services


Forefront provided Access Services with much appreciated expertise and consultation of a community based program during a difficult transition time. By engaging Chris in the process of evaluating the current processes, documentation, structure, and a gap analysis, we benefited from his explicit expertise in regulation, process and management. This resulted in positive outcomes in a much quicker time frame than if we would have done so internally. His in depth knowledge made the process and outcome very fruitful, with deliverables provided and timelines agreed upon all met. The recommendations Chris provided were constructive and very helpful. In addition, he provided very encouraging team building and development to the department in a very short period of time. Chris really helped to move the program forward to reach a new level."

M. Christopher Tabakin, M.S.

Director of Quality and Compliance

Compliance and Privacy Officer

Access Services 


A Recent Communication to the Trustee Board by a Church Ministry Leader about our Facility Management Services :

I would like to share this email with the Trustees. I think they should know how much easier it is to work with Chris than with any other facilities manager in the 48 years that we have been at Great Valley. Instead of being frustrating, working with Chris could not be more satisfying and efficient. By the time I make a request, or tell Chris about something that needs to be checked/repaired, it is done, with Chris' explanation, "It is my pleasure to serve." What a wonderful change! Between Missionary Society, ALPHA, Gamma, Women's Bible Study, etc., Chris could get very tired of my frequent requests, but either that never happens, or if it does, Chris never lets me know it.    


"We engaged Chris to complete a review of our current employee Mentorship Program. Our program was created many years ago from an outside “cookie cutter” set system. While we had a program, it was more on paper and

difficult to be integrated and applicable across all divisions. 

Chris’s approach was professional and individualized. He collaboratively reviewed our current program and worked with us to redesign our program to be more flexible, interactive, effective and accountable. While the previous program was based more heavily in training on documentation, policies, procedures and government requirements, Chris helped us see the importance of integrating the agency’s vision, mission, culture, and integral initial “buddy system” support of staff. 

In working directly with Chris we were able to redesign and individualize the Mentor Program with our culture, vision, and most importantly the people we serve, in mind. Chris also developed a training system for the new mentors. The mentorship program has been implemented the past 6 months with great success and staff buy-in and support. Unlike before, we are now able to evaluate and track weekly the success of each Mentor/Mentee relationship and the people we serve have benefitted greatly for more acclimated and effective new staff. The new program also allows us to continually redesign and improve as change continues to approach us."

Barb Ocasio


Altec Services


“Our church had a long history of handling our property maintenance, cleaning and cemetery oversight internally through a full time Sexton employee. When our Sexton role turned over last year, the Board of Trustees decided it would be a perfect opportunity to reevaluate the overall role of the church Sexton.

It was during this review time that Chris presented a new paradigm as to how church facilities could be managed and handled on a PT basis. Instead of a challenging expectation for one person being responsible for the weekly cleaning, property repairs and maintenance, as well as oversight of the cemetery, all requiring different skill sets, Chris suggested an alternative approach. This PT facility management approach would be to engage Forefront Business Services to hire and manage separate contractors for some of these roles so they could work and complete each area of responsibility simultaneously.

As we discussed this idea in more detail it became apparent that this “new” way of approaching these responsibilities made a lot of sense. The Trustees decided to hire Chris on a contractual basis, and the results have been tremendous:

·          Cost Savings - we have saved a significant amount of money hiring Forefront Business Services vs a full time church employee. We saved on benefits as well as no Workers Comp expense.

·          Operational Efficiencies – Chris has implemented many operational procedures into the process that have resulted in more things getting done in less time and for less money. Chris even connected our church to a national company that supplies non profits with name brand supplies at 90% off the regular costs.

·          Improved Project Completion Rate – Chris established new methods of managing and tracking maintenance requests enabling a larger percentage of projects to be completed each week.

·          Cleaning Excellence – We have had numerous members of our congregation comment that “they have never seen the church and classrooms in such great shape”. Chris engaged a very affordable and reputable company and established a floor cleaning and waxing program for all the tiled flooring that has been exceptional.

·          Budget Tracking – by establishing a specific budget for repair work Chris was able to complete all repairs under budget and on time.

·          Time Savings – by having Chris manage the maintenance of the church, the Trustees can focus more of their time on larger type property projects.

Needless to say, our Trustee board has been greatly impressed with Chris’ work and is thankful for his willingness to help us serve our congregation. Chris has truly been a blessing to Great Valley Presbyterian Church.”

James Palmer

Corporate Affairs / Board of Trustees

Great Valley Presbyterian Church


"Our agency contracted with Chris based on a recommendation from another agency which had experienced great results from his Frontline Leadership Development program. We are so thrilled to have made the connection with him! From our very first meeting with Chris, our management team just knew that he understood what we were looking for in a leadership development program. His decades of experience at all levels of our industry, from the front line to Executive Director, give him the insight to see both big picture issues and immediate needs in the trenches; his abilities as an engaging presenter and perceptive listener enable him to transmit his knowledge and experience to the benefit of all he comes in contact with.

As a result of Forefront’s Frontline Supervision and Leadership program, our program directors have come together as a powerful, cohesive group in new ways. Our agency’s leaders gained new perspectives on their own leadership and management styles as well as practical solutions for common issues with staff. All of this makes for a more dynamic leadership team that will take our agency to the next level of excellence in providing services.

We have already asked Chris to come back to conduct two more leadership development series for us. Upon seeing the initial results of the program, we want all of our leaders at all levels talking the same language. Chris’ “Six Step” method for problem solving is something everyone needs to adopt."

Michelle Midgette

Training and Support Coordinator

Developmental Enterprises Corporation


“Before Forefront helped me become more efficient in my operations, I utilized many paper systems. Chris made the discussions about web based systems understandable.

I trusted him and immediately saw results, a change that saw my old system of taking over a month to create proposals and acquire clients to securing three new clients in only two weeks. Immediate results and success with financial benefits.

I now trust my success so much to Forefront that I have turned my back office bookkeeping systems over to them so I can be 'out front' selling my business more, where I want to be. I trust Forefront.

And now, after years of resisting, Forefront helped me create and publish my own website to showcase my portfolio of homes I have designed for future clients. I LOVE my new website!!

Thank you Forefront!!"

Nancy L.


Interior Designer


"As CEO of a non-profit agency, I have had many opportunities to work with business advisers and consultants. I consistently declined these offers until I sat down with Chris White. It was his clear and honest approach that lead me to believe I could trust Chris to keep my agency's best interest as the top priority.  

Altec's Management graduates from Forefront's Frontline Supervisory and Leadership Development Program - September, 2013

He understood our organizational goals and our concerns about the changing market place. Chris listened to me as well as various levels of personnel in our agency to fully learn where our agency was at today as well as where we wanted to be in the future. His fresh set of eyes provided clarity to issues we were struggling with for some time. His comprehensive evaluation of the organization provided the needed insight for me to make decisions with confidence and the team of staff to understand the rationale behind needed changes"

Deb K.


Altec Services


"I am the Director of Ministries for a church in SE Pennsylvania, and supervise Forefront’s work for our church. Forefront has been precisely what we needed from a facilities management standpoint. Chris White manages and supervises:

-            our subcontractors (snow removal, landscaping [including mowing of a good size cemetery], alarm monitoring, pest control, elevator maintenance, and more)

- our cleaning services that includes the cleaning of our nearly 18,000 SF facility (includes daily Preschool)

-           our handyman who completes constant ‘fix it’ or renovation projects (we estimate over 200 small and large projects a year), along with assuring our compliance with all periodic regulatory requirements.

-           full supervision of our large, historic cemetery. This includes upkeep, mapping, and family interface during a difficult time.

-           constant setup and takedown of church space (on a daily basis) for the many small group, youth group, committee meeting, special event occurrences in a given week.

Due to the efficiencies of subcontracting out a portion of these services under Forefront’s supervision, we can now have cleaning, cemetery administration, and project work all going on at the same time … a solid improvement to our prior one man arrangement that meant ‘one thing at a time.’

Forefront’s business ethic and ‘workflow process improvement’ mindset come from Chris White’s excellent background in managing both people and facilities. The ‘service heart’ of the organization comes from a desire to honor God in whatever Forefront takes on. 

For years, we have looked for a cost effective and service oriented way to maintain all that goes on around here. With Forefront leading the way, we are now in a constant state of improvement.Forefront's model is a cost effective, workload effective and efficient paradigm that every church needs to become aware of now.

For these qualities, I am thankful to have Forefront handling our ministry center. 

Jim S.

Director of Ministries

Great Valley Church


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